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Dan Waters goes by the pseudonym Borg and is a pen and ink artist from Sheffield, producing mostly black and white work. He’s been working with dip pen, Indian ink and fine-liners for the past few years after deciding to focus on visual art, having come from a background in music as a singer/songwriter.

Growing up in and around the Peak District, with a love for exploring and travelling, his work is inspired by English folklore and the cycle of life and death in nature. His work often focuses on the regenerative properties of death in the natural environment. Celebrating harmony and sustenance, while lamenting personal loss. Woodland animals, creatures and birds are elevated to emblematic metaphors of our ominous environmental situation, playing our narratives of struggle and conflict.

The other main component of his practice is screenprinting. Over a couple of years as lead screenprinter at APG Works in Sheffield, Dan has worked with many local and international artists on a wide variety of different print editions.

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